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Adult Recreational Soccer

About Adult Coed Rec

Once again, we are offering an adult recreational soccer league through WYSA/Indiana Fire Juniors.

Spring '22 Registration Adult soccer link. Youth registration is also within this registration but the you levels are now closed.

  • Participants must be 21 years old or older.
  • Players do not have to live in Westfield to play within WYSA.
  • If you have already spoken to a team manager, you can select that team during registration.
  • If you don't have a team yet, please register to the OPEN registration team and you will be placed on a wait list until there are enough registrations for another team. You will not be charged until you are placed on a team. Encourage your friends to register! 
  • If you believe you have enough male AND female friends to form your own new team, please contact Dan Neumann at as soon as possible.
  • Each team must designate a team manager. Teams may only play four males on the field at one time. Make sure your team has enough females to meet this requirement. 
  • All games are on Sunday late afternoon to evenings.

Cost is $80 per session.Dates may change.

Rules of the Game

  • 7 vs. 7 including one goalkeeper per team.
  • No more than 4 men per team on the field at a time. All others must be women.
  • Women's goals count two points; men's goals count one point.
  • Games are played on a field with either full size goals or 7' x21' goals at Shamrock Spring or Grand Park.
  • Games are two equal 30-minute halves.
  • If the heat index on The Weather Channel at 3 pm is 95 degrees F or greater, all games will be played on the U10 fields.
  • No slide tackling allowed, including no slide tackling of a player or the ball by goal keepers (remedy is an indirect free kick unless a foul is committed).
  • All participants must be 21 years old or older (preferably much older!!!)
  • All players on each team must play equal times.
  • Hard kick rule - coed soccer has a "hard kick rule." If a guy kicks the ball really hard (and you know what I mean by hard, there are some in our league who have powerful kicks) and it smacks into a lady player, it is an indirect free kick to the team of the struck individual. Our rationale is that a person should know and be able to judge that there is a player in front of them who is likely to be hurt if the kick is struck with MLS speed and power.

This is a RECREATIONAL league. Rule #1 = Have FUN !!!