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Frequently Asked Questions

Recreational FAQ

Frequently asked questions

  1. How much does it cost to play? Our fall season registration fee is $140 for players Born between 2018 to 2015 and $160 for players born in or before 2014
  2. What if my child is too young for registration? Your child must turn 4 in 2022, per our insurance requirements. Our U5 division is for players born in 2018.
  3. What does the “U” mean? The U designation is mainly an administrative designation for leagues and organizing age groups. Parents should focus on the birth year their child is born in as they will play with other children born in the same birth year or in groups organized in two year sets also an adjacent birth year. 
  4. How often will my child practice? Practices will be held for one and a quarter hour one night a week.
  5. What if my child wants to play with her best friend or neighbor for carpooling? You may list the friend’s name on your registration. Although we will try to honor these requests, we cannot make any promises, especially if several players are asking to play together.
  6. What if I have a team of players who want to play together? The mission of Recreational Soccer is to learn to play the game and have fun. While many games can be competitive, our volunteer commissioners make every effort to create rosters of teams that will be evenly matched on the field. Nobody has fun when one team is crushing the other. (If you take joy in that, please don’t admit it.)
  7. What if I register and my child changes his or her mind? Send an email to If you withdraw before July 20, we can refund all but $15 of your original payment. After July 20, the commissioners begin working on their rosters, so we must have a full commitment.
  8. Does everyone get a trophy? Our younger children from preschool to second grade will receive a small trophy or medal for participating in the season. Players in the U9/10 through U19 divisions participate in an end-of season tournament, with prizes for the age group champions and finalists.
  9. Are the groups coed or single sex? Our U5, U6, U13/14, and U19 groups are coed. The other age groups are single sex.
  10. Can my child “play up” an age group? These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to our director of coaching, John Griffin, at if you would like to discuss this.
  11. Can I coach my child’s team? YES! Our program exists because of our wonderful parent coaches. If you would like to coach, please indicate your interest on your child’s registration and fill out the coaching registration form available on the main rec page
  12. We do limit coaches to two teams, so if you have more than two players, definitely suggest that you’ll coach the ones who do the most chores.