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Indiana Fire Juniors Return to Play

By James Carson, 05/22/20, 2:00PM EDT


It goes without saying your State, your City, your State Soccer Association, and your club have been waiting for the day we could all say these words, “we are ready to play soccer”.   We realize we have provided several obscure messages with limited data on what this would look like- but post the Governor’s communications with Grand Park, we have a game plan with a defined timetable.

Return to Play June 1.

The director of the program your player is involved with will be sending you a schedule with the protocol associated with your age group and the specifics of where and how to proceed.

For the safety of all, our state association has provided the “no contact” rules of engagement for training at each age level.  Grand Park is also requiring that club management go through an educational Zoom to learn the parks safety protocols.  Club management will in turn train each of the coaches.

The club will take a graduated approach to easing back into the game.  The approach will consider the age and maturity level of each of our players:

  1. Youth Academy- u8-u12, Week 1, June 1- they will train 1 time, late in the week.  Indiana Soccer has recommended starting the younger players later in the week as play gets started.  Week 2 (starting June 8) they will move to 2 times per week.
  2. Senior Boys and Girls – week 1 (June 1) and week 2 (June 8) will have 2 sessions per week.
  3. All teams- Week 3, June 15- Full contact, 3 sessions each, intersquad play only.  

A couple of other key points to consider when returning to play:

·         Bathrooms will be open- emergency use only please.

·         Players only inside the white lines

·         Each player should bring their own water bottle and hand sanitizer

·         Parents encouraged to stay in their cars or in parking lots with social distancing.

·         Parents that choose to use the paths for walks or exercise-please practice social distancing.


Look for additional correspondence from the club on rules of engagement for training and further instruction.


We appreciate your patience, understanding and the outpouring of kind words we have received during these difficult times.



Phil Presser
Technical Director
Indiana Fire Juniors


Mark Webber

Executive Director

Indiana Fire Juniors