Coaching Conflicts

How to avoid game conflicts for coaches who have more than one team at a tournament. Got Soccer has an extensive system to avoid game time conflicts for coaches with more than one team. If your GOT Soccer team account is setup properly the software will alert the scheduler and prevent game time conflicts.

For this feature to work properly the coach must be listed as the “Head Coach” for both teams using the same Coaches Account. Coaches often end up with duplicate accounts in the system. This can result in the coach being listed as the head coach but using two different Coaches accounts with different ID numbers. The software will not see that as a conflict. 

Coaches can check this or ask a manager or club administrator for assistance. If you find you have duplicate coaching accounts and the ID numbers don't match, then at least change the name of the coach so all teams show the same name.  This will allow us to properly group your team.

If you are assigned as the head coach for more than two teams we will pick two of the three teams to be guaranteed no conflicts.  We recommend that if you are listed on more than two teams that you change the head coach in the event application to your assistant coach for the third or fourth teams.  By listing yourself as the head coach for only two teams you are telling us which two teams are the priority.

Below is a document that provides you detailed instructions on how to check your coach information in a Got Soccer Team account.