Referee Information


Showcase Games $60/$40/$40

GLC or Midwest League Games $60/$40/$40 or $70/$45$45 depending on age.

All referees will be paid the Monday following the event via Ref Pay.  You must have a valid ref pay account and submit this information to Indiana Fire Juniors using the following link.  If you have previously been paid via Ref Pay by the Indiana Fire Juniors and your Ref Pay account information has not changed you do not need to submit this information.  

Submit your Ref Pay Account information

Questions - contact Steve Brink 317-625-8056

All referees that desire to referee in the state of Indiana and that are registered in a state other than Indiana are required to provide verification that they are;

  • A currently USSF licensed referee
  • Currently registered in another state
  • Are in good standing in the state in which they are registered
  • Are in compliance with the Safe Sport Act requirements

The verification required is to be provided by the State Referee Administrator in which the applying referee is registered.  This verification document, which used to be completed via paper, fax etc. is now streamlined using a link.  The link provided is password protected.  Each state SRA will be provided a password if they don’t already possess one.  They can acquire or re-acquire their password from Indiana’s SRA, Samir Yasa, at  The link - ;  takes the SRA to a revised e-form version of the old, antiquated paper form.  The e-form takes less than 2 minutes to complete and submit. 

If you have additional questions, I am always happy to assist.