Fire Juniors Elite SC 2001 (Boys)

Signature Tournament: Mayors Cup International Showcase (Feb 17-19, 2018)

Born on or after: January 1, 2001

Technical Staff: Paul Williams (Head Coach), Brock Hickam (Assistant Coach), and Mike Matkovich (DOC).

Roster includes: 

2001 FULL ROSTER (18): Hayden Sarajian, Patrick Elster, Ashton Perkins, Ethan Garvey, Chad Cadiere, Malachi Mulder, Carlos Hernandez, Tanner Tichenor, Patrik Hamann, Kadan Shaban, Alan Alaniz, Nolan Hobgood, Jared Nutt, Gabe Byrd, Nicolas MacFarlane-Glasow, Sebastian Rodriguez, Kyle Butler, Franco Facciolo.

2001 STANDBY PLAYERS (7): Aiden Spratt, Liam Spratt, Josue Calderon, Spencer Laws, Alex Phan, Gavin Jonker, Sergio Mendieta (STANDBY players in reserve who are asked to be available to take part in event a FULL ROSTER player declines).