Fire Juniors Elite SC 2001 (Girls)

Signature Tournament: Presidents Day Tournament/PDT (Feb 15-19, 2018)

Born on or after: January 1, 2001

Technical Staff: Gary Yohe (Head Coach) and Lora Gralheer (Assistant Coach)

Roster includes:

2001 FULL ROSTER (18): Logan Barber, Elizabeth Fortuna, Olivia Lawson, Addie Cline, Amber Hochgesang, Maggie Peters, Autumn Weeks, Kenna Koehler, Lily Moore, Anese English, Parker Gatlin, Keely Hoopingarner, Claire Kappen, Camille Barber, Heavyn O'Connell, Kaitlyn Quinn, Katie Yankey, Julia Herrman, Cheyenne Brown.

2001 STANDBY PLAYERS (7): Kara Morris, Kaylee Morris, Jolene Ballard, Hayley Stoutamyer, Lauren Hamilton, Jessica Greven, Marcy Matthews (STANDBY players in reserve who are asked to be available to take part in the event a FULL ROSTER player declines).