Weather policy

Please read and understand our weather policy below. We know sometimes the skies look clear and you’d like to get in some needed practice time. However, we must consistently adhere to our weather policy. Failure to do so could result in a child being injured. Anyone who intentionally disregards this policy stands to lose their coaching or playing privileges.

Grand Park is equipped with a lightning detector to help determine weather-related evacuations. If lightning is detected within 13 miles of the park, all players must evacuate the fields. The park is set up with alarms; however, these alarms might not be audible in some parts of the park. If you hear an alarm, or you are told by an IFJ or Grand Park staff member to leave the fields, you must go to your car immediately. We know that sometimes it seems counter-intuitive, especially when it is still sunny over Grand Park. But, we will always err on the side of safety.

There also may be instances where the alarms are not sounding, but stormy weather is definitely in the area. Please use common sense. If you hear thunder, please evacuate the fields. Do not return to the fields until you have received an “all clear” from IFJ or park officials, or until 30 minutes has passed since the last thunder rumble, whichever is first. We will do our best to advise parents of weather evacuations via emails and our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The examples below illustrate how difficult it may be to make the call to evacuate. This fall’s weather has been tricky, with pop-up showers going in unpredictable directions.