Fire Juniors Elite SC 2002 (Boys)

Signature Tournament: Mayors Cup International Showcase (Feb 17-19, 2018)

Born on or after: January 1, 2002

Technical Staff: Craig Jones (Head Coach), Andrew Sanford (Assistant Coach), and Mike Matkovich (DOC)

Roster includes:

2002 FULL ROSTER (18): Caden Redpath, Payton Lanning, Isaac Bennett, Christian Fischer, Ecris Revolorio, Cal LeDoux, Erick Gunera-Calix, Collin Hawes, Noah Rosenblatt, Daniel Cloran, Webby Phiri, Dilan Anweiler, Ben Minor, Drew Finkham, Colin Todd, Andi Kallaba, Lukas MacFarlane-Glasow.

2002 STANDBY PLAYERS (7): Foster Baird, Jordan Geisler, Tyler Budz, Lloyd Quezada, Justin D'Alessandro, Manuel Cruz, Yves Uwimana (STANDBY players in reserve who are asked to be available to take part in event a FULL ROSTER player declines).