Fire Juniors Elite SC 2003 (Boys)

Signature Tournament: Mayors Cup International Showcase (Feb 17-19, 2018)

Born on or after: January 1, 2003

Technical Staff:  Zsolt Bertalan (Head Coach), Ryan Franklin (Assistant Coach), and Mike Matkovich (DOC)

Roster includes:

2003 FULL ROSTER (18): John Jeffus, Kevin Vigil, Tyler Madsen, Carlos Castellanos, Sam McConnell, Alejandro Zuniga, Jackson Mitchell, Jaxon McCullough, Mason Rasner, Oscar Lascano, Nolan Karel, Andre Aguilera, Jim McMurray, Yeabsira Vlasma, Kevin Rivera, Jacob Moehlenkamp, Will Allen.

2003 STANDBY PLAYERS (7): Blake Bastian, Carson Thomas, Greg Skubiz, Mattia Bernocco, Michael Crandley, Nigel Stoltz, Nash Gibson (STANDBY players in reserve who are asked to be available to take part in the event a FULL ROSTER player declines).