Fire Juniors Elite SC 2003 (Girls)

Signature Tournament: Presidents Day Tournament/PDT (Feb 15-19, 2018)

Born on or after: January 1, 2003

Technical Staff: Ryan Smith (Head Coach) and Mark Castro (Assistant Coach)

Roster includes: 

2003 FULL INVITE ROSTER (18): Sierra Collins, Reese Nelson, Amanda Yaeger, Kayleigh Hanlon, Rosie Richardson, Abbey Slivka, Alexa Joshi, Kendall McLeod, Morgan Furmaniak, Nina Bradshaw, McKenzie Senffner, Hanna Loew, Amy McGimsey, Brooke Javier, Emma Livingston, Kate Thomson, Brianna Jeffries, Alison Heller.

2003 STANDBY PLAYERS (7): Kendall Guzzardo, Ally Brown, Adrian Williams, Grace Barber, Madeline Mancini, Morgan Vickaryous, Isabel Martinez (STANDBY are players in reserve who are asked to be available to take part in the event a FULL ROSTER player declines).