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Fall 2020

Fall Rec Registration is Now Open!

Welcome to the WYSA Recreational Soccer Fall Season! We are excited to plan for time back on the fields beginning in August.

Our commitment to your player’s safety takes on new meaning this year. Grand Park is rising to the challenge with hand sanitizing stations throughout the campus. Players will bring their own water bottles and other items, and we will focus on training that allows individual skill development and minimizes contact. We will abide by the CDC social distancing guidelines – game times will be spaced for easier entrance and exits, and spectators will be asked to abide by those social distancing guidelines. We may be spacing our spectators around the perimeter of the field, rather than just on one side. Regardless, we will work with the City of Westfield, the State, and the CDC as we move forward.

Our fall season is scheduled to start on August 17, with the first set of games over the weekend of August 29. Our final games will be the weekend of October 10. Games will be scheduled on weekends, with some games on Sundays after 1 pm. Your game time each week will vary as we endeavor to stretch the game schedule over the daylight hours to keep the fields from becoming too crowded. You will receive a game schedule once we begin our practices.

To register, go to Registration is $130 for children in the third grade or younger and $150 for children in the fourth grade through high school seniors. Save $10 if you register by July 1.

If you received a voucher for our cancelled spring season, you may use it now by entering it in the box marked “voucher” on the second screen. Each player has been emailed a voucher code specific to the amount they paid in the spring. The numbers at the beginning of your voucher code represent the value of the voucher – so a code that reads 135XXXXXX is a voucher worth $135. If there is a balance due after you apply your voucher, you can pay that amount via credit card on the final screen. If you received a voucher for an odd amount, you most likely donated to the scholarship program or paid the volunteer buyout this spring. Any money left over on your voucher will be donated to the club scholarship program.

IMPORTANT – When GotSoccer gives you the option of printing a copy of your payment for your records, YOU ARE NOT YET FINISHED REGISTERING. Please continue clicking on the “next” button to ensure you complete the registration. If there is any question of whether you registered, go ahead and try again – the system will not allow you to re-register if the registration went through successfully.


2020 Commissioners

U5 Ben Adcock
U6 Tony Christofaro
U7G Shawn Lancaster
U7B Brade Canada
U8G Chris Hoffner
U8B Angie Boyd
U10G Daniel Rowe
U10B Ashley Peach
U12G Mike Loureiro
U12B Ashley Peach
U14C Amanda Schleper
U18C Daniel Rowe


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

  1. How much does it cost to play? Our fall season registration fee is $130 for ages 4 to third graders and $150 for fourth graders to high school seniors.
  2. What if my child isn’t 4 yet? Your child must turn 4 in 2020, per our insurance requirements. Our U5 division is for children who are in preschool – typically we have a range of 4- and 5-year-olds in that age group.
  3. What does the “U” mean? We try to group our players by age and school grade, with the school grade taking priority. A player who is U8, for instance, is under the age of 8 at the beginning of the fall season and in the second grade at school. If your child is already 8 but still in second grade, choose the U8 option. You’ll see both the “U” designation and the grade designation when you register.
  4. How often will my child practice? Practices will be held for one hour one night a week.
  5. What night will my child practice? We will be spacing practices throughout the weeknight evenings. When you register, you will be able to note a night that does not work for you, and we will make sure your child is placed on a team that practices on a different night.
  6. What if my child wants to play with her best friend or neighbor for carpooling? You may list the friend’s name on your registration. Although we will try to honor these requests, we cannot make any promises, especially if several players are asking to play together.
  7. What if I have a team of players who want to play together? The mission of Recreational Soccer is to learn to play the game and have fun. While many games can be competitive, our volunteer commissioners make every effort to create rosters of teams that will be evenly matched on the field. Nobody has fun when one team is crushing the other. (If you take joy in that, please don’t admit it.)
  8. What if I register and my child changes his or her mind? Send an email to . If you withdraw before August 1, we can refund all but $15 of your original payment. After August 1, the commissioners begin working on their rosters, so we must have a full commitment.
  9. Does everyone get a trophy? Our younger children from preschool to second grade will receive a small trophy or token for participating in the season. Players in the third/fourth grade through high school divisions participate in an end-of season tournament, with prizes for the age group champions and finalists.
  10. Are the groups coed or single sex? Our U5 (preschool), U6 (kindergarten), U13/14 (middle school) and U18 (high school) groups are coed. The other age groups are single sex.
  11. Can my child “play up” an age group? These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to our director of coaching, John Mitchell, at if you would like to discuss this.
  12. Can I coach my child’s team? YES! Our program exists because of our wonderful parent coaches. If you would like to coach, please indicate your interest on your child’s registration and fill out the coaching registration form at We do limit coaches to two teams, so if you have more than two players, definitely suggest that you’ll coach the ones who do the most chores.

Coaches Always Needed!


Join your son or daughter on the pitch by helping out as a coach. All of our Rec soccer teams are coached by parent volunteers. You do not need to be an experienced coach! We will provide training and have a professional coaching director on staff at at the fields during many practice and game nights.

To volunteer as a coach, sign up at Thank you!