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Camps & Clinics

2019 Summer Camps

IFJ is taking its camp program to the next level this spring and summer. Not only will we be offering camps for individual technical development and better soccer IQs – we’ll also be offering specialty camps for different age groups and specific soccer needs. Regardless of the camp, it is our mission to create a positive learning environment that allows the players and the staff to enjoy the game they love to the fullest.

Specialty camps


Specialty camps will be pre-season Technical Sharpness and Fitness weeks for high school players and players leaving for college. There will also be a camp of this nature for eighth graders and younger who are preparing for the fall club season. These weeks will make the actual first week back to club play much less of a physical burden and reduce any rust that may have built up.

The other specialty camp will be position specific.  Players will be broken into groups based on the positions they play. Here players will improve in the different facets of the game that relate directly to their positions on the field.

IFJ day camps


IFJ day camps are a great opportunity for players to stay sharp, learn something a different way, or even learn something new. The IFJ staff is always attempting to keep up with the evolution of soccer and introduce new ideas to players while ensuring we instill the fundamentals of the game that we know work. Our focus on the field is learning and refining the technical components of the game while enhancing each players decision making ability and creativity. Dribbling, passing, first touch, and scoring goals are some of the things we will be focusing on during each week of camp this year.  

Each day will consist of a repetitive instructional piece for players to understand how to execute the technique correctly without pressure. Subsequent activities will place the players under moderate pressure to get a feel for executing at a higher rate of speed. We will then progress to a fun game that allows the players to be in an environment where they are required to execute the technique while competing. All days conclude with a form of match play that places players in game-like situations where decisions need to be made on and off the ball.

We look forward to working with all of you over the course of the summer and beyond.

July 8-11

  • High School/College Preseason Camp, ages 15-21, 9:30 am - 11:30 am. $150
  • IFJ Technical Day Camp, ages 5-14, 9am to noon. $175
  • Position Specific Camp, ages 10-14, 5:30pm - 8pm, $175

July 22-25

  • IFJ Technical Day Camp, ages 5-14, 9 am to noon. $175
  • Preseason Camp, ages 10-14, 6pm - 8pm, $150