The Indiana Fire Developmental Academy teams do not offer traditional tryouts.  The academy selection process is very similar to a national team selection process in the way teams are selected.  Players are invited into current academy team training sessions called “trials” where they are to be evaluated by the staff.

  • Please note - this current season, 2015-16, US Soccer does not have an official U12 and U13 Academy. Those teams will begin this coming summer, 2016. Players on trial during this current 2015-16 season in those specified age groups will go on trial with the 2003 or 2004/05 Pre-DA teams. 

“Trials” are opportunities for players not currently in the academy to gain a better feel for the environment.  Many times players do not know what the academy is or understand how different the environment is in comparison to their current environment.  If awarded the opportunity to participate in a trial, players will jump right into training for an up close perspective of the academy.  The academy training sessions are listed above to plan your scheduled trial accordingly.

How do players get invited in for a trial?

Trials are by invitation only.  The academy director, Phil Presser, must contact the individual for a trial opportunity.  Prospects are also encouraged to contact Phil Presser to express interest in the DA. Academy prospects may come on trial at any point during the season to be evaluated for the academy.

How can my son be evaluated?

Players interested in the academy that feel they have the ability to compete at the DA level should contact Phil Presser by email,  Players should send a playing resume as well as a schedule of games they will be participating in.  You tube videos of player’s skills in trainings and games are highly encouraged as well to start the process.  Once evaluated, the player may be invited to a trial.

When can my son join The Academy?

Similar to a professional team, the academy has open windows throughout the year where players can be added to the roster.  Although the season begins in August and ends in July, players can be added to the roster throughout the year in the open windows.  Indiana Fire encourages players to stay with their current clubs until the remainder of the season, however, if permitted by the club, qualified players may join immediately.

Players interested in playing for the Indiana Fire Academy during the 2015-16 season must contact Phil Presser. or 317-910-9567.